How is Canopy unique?

How is Canopy unique?

Canopy is the only digital filtering app that stands directly between inappropriate content and you. Because Canopy scans individual pieces of online content in real time, it can stop exposure to pornography almost everywhere while still allowing your protected deivce to freely explore the safe parts of the Internet. With Canopy Shield, you get all the good of the digital world without the bad.

In addition to the Smart Filter, Canopy offers other features you can’t get anywhere else, including:

  • Sexting Prevention (for Android devices) and Sexting Alerts (for iPhone and iPad), which detect sexting and notify you immediately if there is a risk of sharing inappropriate photos

  • Removal Prevention (for Android devices, Mac computers, and Windows computers) and Removal Alerts (for iPhone and iPad) to make sure your child is always protected

Over 100,000 families and individuals around the world already trust our technology to enable them to experience the digital world without the risk. But Canopy doesn’t just protect your child – it also encourages responsible habits, facilitates transparency and trust, and creates opportunities for important conversations. We hope Canopy will help you and your family build trust, learn valuable lessons together, and develop healthy habits to last a lifetime.

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