Enhanced App Management

Enhanced App Management

In our continuous effort to optimize user experience while maintaining the highest standards of security, we are thrilled to introduce the Enhanced App Management feature for Canopy users. This innovative feature ensures a seamless integration of Canopy with your device's network connection, specifically tailored for each application in the Money Management content category (Finance and Banking related apps).
It marks a significant leap forward in our technology, enabling Canopy to identify and manage app connections with unprecedented precision. 

Key Advantages:
- Non-Intrusive Connectivity: With the Enhanced App Management, Canopy operates without disrupting the network connection for your applications. This guarantees that your experience remains unaffected, ensuring smooth and consistent access to all your apps.
- Optimized App Identification: This feature empowers Canopy with improved app recognition capabilities, minimizing connection issues and enhancing overall reliability. Especially for applications requiring secure connections, such as banking apps, this development ensures that your connections are stable and dependable.
- Privacy Compliant: We uphold the highest standards of user privacy. The Enhanced App Management adheres to all privacy regulations and does not violate any privacy-restricting rules. Users can verify this compliance through the Apple Platform Deployment page, reaffirming our commitment to user security and privacy.

Approving management means they will go through Canopy's servers, allowing easy access to the app.

Follow some simple steps to allow App management:

Please note, 
If you have Removal Prevention installed, this guide isn't relevant, the Enhaced App Management feature is already enabled

  1. Within a few minutes after installing Canopy Shield on the device you want to protect, we will notify you to allow Canopy manage apps.
    Attention: If you haven't recently installed Canopy Shield, start by opening the Canopy Shield app, as described in the next step
  2. Open Canopy Shield, you will see the App Management Request on top. Tap See details.

  3. Scroll down to review the apps Canopy needs to manage. Tap Allow.
  4. Each app on that list will prompt a notification to allow Canopy's management. Tap Manage.

    By choosing not to enable Canopy's management of apps, users may encounter connection difficulties, particularly with apps necessitating secure connections. Our team has meticulously designed this feature to mitigate such issues, offering a smoother, more reliable user experience.

  5. Apps are now managed and can be used without interference by Canopy.

    Please note, After installing a new Money management app, go to the Canopy Shield app and approve management. (repeat steps 2-5)

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