Canopy Shield Android Installation

Canopy Shield Android Installation

Please note that Google’s Family Link needs to be disabled for Canopy installation process

To install the Canopy Shield app and protect an Android device, please follow these steps:

  1. On the Android device you wish to protect, open a web browser and navigate to

    Alternatively, send an Installation link to the device’s Email or SMS directly from the Canopy Dashboard or the Canopy parental control app Click on the link on the device you wish to protect to start the installtion process.

  2. Scroll down and press Install Shield. When prompted, press OK and then Open the “Canopy.apk” file. This file will also appear in your device’s downloads folder.
    **If you have sent an installation link, select “Protect this device: Canopy Shield app“, than select “Download“. 
  3. To install Canopy Shield, you must allow your phone to install apps from Unknown Sources. You will be prompted to allow the browser to install unknown apps.
  4. Press the back arrow to return to the previous screen, then press Install.
  5. After the installation is complete, Open Canopy.
  6. Press I have an account. If you don’t already have a Canopy account, please create one now.
    **If you are installing with a sent link you will skip this and the two following steps as the process already identify your account and designated device profile. 
  7. Log In with your email and password.
  8. Select the profile of the shield who is using this device.
  9. Press Continue with installation.
  10. Press Accept to indicate that you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions.
  11. Click continue and approve the Usage Data Access for Canopy , your device will be prompted to the correct settings page to allow, than click back to continue the process.
     If your device is running Android 14, the first step will be to allow overly access
  12. Press Continue to Activate Canopy in your Accessibility Settings Menu by pressing the Canopy button and turning the switch to On. You may need to scroll down or enter Installed services to find the Canopy button.
     If your device is running Android 13 and above, Accessibility access can’t be automatically allowed to apps. We have set the installation process to ask for permissions  to the restricted settings first. for more details please visit this guide.
    click Next and try to activate accessibility access, if the permission is restricted, go back to the installation process and it will guide you to allow restricted settings for Canopy Shield.
  13. Return to your browser and press Next to approve automatic installation on Android 13 or lower. If your device is running Android 14, continue granting each permission manually when prompted.
    Install the Security Certificate and if prompted, set a Secure Screen Lock. Android requires a Screen Lock to install the Security Certificate. If you haven’t already set a screen lock, you will be asked to set one. We recommend setting a PIN code.
  14. On the next screen, you will be asked to enable the Removal Prevention. The Removal Prevention feature stops attempts to remove or disable Canopy without your permission. Press OK to enable the Removal Prevention or press No thanks to continue without it.
  15. You will receive a series of access requests. Please Allow them so Canopy can effectively protect your shield.
  16. Press Open App to open Canopy.
  17. Congratulations! Canopy Shield is set up successfully. Canopy will now appear on your list of installed apps.

    To find out what is  your device’s Android version open  the Settings app and scroll down to About Device section, or use the search bar to find Android version.

Once Canopy Shield is installed, a key icon will appear on your device’s status bar (on most Android devices). This indicates that the filter is active. 

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